Triam International Limited conducts its business in compliance with applicable legislation and is strongly committed to respecting human rights and to combating child labor throughout supply chain.

These positions are reflected in its policy related to procurement of cobalt and conflict-affected and high-risk minerals.

Responsible procurement of minerals

Suppliers shall:

  • Comply with applicable laws regarding procurement of responsible minerals and proceed with due diligence for conflict-affected and high risks mineral, such as Tungsten, Tantalum, Tin, and Gold;
  • Verify and inform Triam International Limited whether the minerals included in the materials or component parts are conflict-affected or high-risk minerals;
  • Design and implement a strategy to respond to identified risks;
  • Refrain from sourcing from illegal channels and commit to promoting a responsible supply process.

Responsible procurement of cobalt

Based on the guidelines of the OECD, suppliers shall specifically:

  • Develop an appropriate management system to conduct due diligence in the supply-chain to determine whether cobalt originates from conflict-affected or high-risk areas.
  • Develop due diligence policies and require tier-one suppliers to
    • adopt corresponding due diligence policies and
    • request the same from their suppliers down to the level of extraction of cobalt.
  • Identify the risks by mapping the supply-chain and take appropriate steps to mitigate them.
  • Participate in and complete third-party verifications or audits at owned facilities at the request of Renault.
  • Report on supply-chain due diligence.